One hundred percent control of bearings

According to the international standard SKF, all bearings must be 100% controlled during production and transferred to the next stage, and in the final control stage, 100% control is required for the bearings. But today, due to the competitive nature of production, many factories control and measure their bearings randomly and by sampling, and this sampling is defined and performed by the experts of each company and does not follow certain principles, which is the same. Control by sampling is the criterion for approval and disapproval of bearings; Therefore, we have established a department in the company called Measurement Laboratory, which has special equipment for controlling and testing 100% of bearings, and besides, there are experts who have the ability to use this equipment and measure and 100% test of bearings. according to the explained, The bearings can be 100% controlled at the customer's request and the failure bearings can be completely separated from each other.